Preview: DMA’s @ Rock City

All music fans will know that, just occasionally, there are a band who come along who you become heavily invested in. There is no real explanation for this – we all have music we like, music we don’t like, bands we go and see live, bands for when we’re upset, or getting ready for a night out. But there are very few who fit the criteria of someone becoming absolutely invested in their fortunes as a band.

This is not to say a person experiencing this will become one of those annoying ‘screamers’ who drown out any music purely on sight of the people on stage (yes One Direction fans, we’re looking at you). This is more in terms of a genuine desire for a group of people making music to go right to the very top, and a feeling like you personally are a part of that journey. An example could be The Courteeners – this summer, the Mancunian band will be headlining a festival for the first time, and this will feel like a personal victory for those that have followed them since the beginning, in tiny clubs in Manchester. Those people are ‘invested’ in the band, sharing in the success just as they shared a part of the frustration at a lack of airplay.

The latest band that this applies to, in my own case and a few other columnists at The Mic besides, is DMA’s. Three young lads from Sydney have slowly but surely been gathering a following here in the UK, and are set to play a headline show at Rock City for the first time this coming April, with their ever-developing brand of rock and indie-rock music. Singles such as ‘Delete’ and ‘Lay Down’ got their name out onto the circuit, and their debut album ‘Hills End’ was acclaimed by fans, reaching number 8 in the charts in their home country. ‘Play It Out’ was a part of the soundtrack on popular video game Fifa 17, and their cover of ‘Believe’ by Cher went viral across social media. We here at The Mic have covered the lads at headline shows in Liverpool and Sheffield, seen them surpass The Kooks at their support slot at the Motorpoint Arena, and a couple of us even managed to meet them for a pint! (See what they had to say here

Their second album is set for release on the same date as the Nottingham show, which will open the tour (27th April), and with the general positive response which have accompanied singles ‘Dawning’ and ‘In the Air’, it is sure to represent the next step on their path to the top. The Mic, as ever, will be the place to find coverage of the new record – and live show.

If this article does not serve as enough of a reason to give DMA’s a listen, let me leave you with this. The charts are riddled with acts now who get a leg-up from the industry. Rightly or wrongly, some bands get noticeably more support than others, be it through radio coverage, support slots, shout outs or just general looking after. Sometimes, those at the top have it right; a lot of the time, they don’t. Becoming a part of a band’s fortunes, going to see them, listening to the records, is not an art that is particularly common these days. But it’s one that can provide a hell of a buzz.

Listen to ‘Dawning’, listen to ‘In The Air’, listen to the new record upon its release. And maybe head down to Rock City on that Friday night. Who knows, you might find yourself becoming a part of something a little bit special.



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