Deco @ The Bodega

Following a successful summer of festivals and the recent release of their new single “Upside Down”, Deco came home to headline a sold-out Bodega. Supporting were LUNAH (also known as Ben Mcconnachie) and Black Cats and Magpies.

LUNAH- Photo credit unknown

Opening the show was LUNAH, an indie-electronica music producer who recently produced the music for Deco’s latest song. He also invited singers Katie Cooper and Giulia onto the stage to perform the songs that he has produced and co-written with them. Ben supported Deco at their last Bodega show as half of Chroma Bay and played an acoustic cover of “Gravitational” as an honour to that.

Next on were Black Cats and Magpies who changed the vibe of the night to a heavier more indie-rock vibe. By this time the venue was already packed out and Deco had admitted that the sold-out crowd had just as much to do with the supports as themselves. “Better Days” got a fantastic reaction from the crowd and was labelled as one for the “movers and shakers of the audience” by front man Nathan Webber.

Black Cats and Magpies- Photo credit unknown

Finally, it was time for Deco to hit the stage, and they had recently received the news that the show was sold out, so were all over the moon. They opened with “Upside Down” and although it was only recently released, each member of the audience seemed to know the words to sing along. The group performed with the energy and enthusiasm we’ve come to expect from Deco and “Your Time”, their new single due to be released early January next year, had the same classic breezy-pop vibe that seems to only be rising in popularity.

They played other classic songs such as “Chances” and ended with “Tell me lies” before Max walked off saying “See you in thirty seconds guys” and sure enough, thirty seconds later the four came back onto stage to perform their final song “Turn Around” in which no member of the audience was still.

Deco- Photo credit Phillip Hiscocks

Max and John have said Nottingham is a highlight for their UK tour but another venue they’re looking forward to playing is Thousand Island in London on October 20th, which they also hope to sell out. To see what other exciting stuff Deco have coming up, keep an eye out for Abby’s pre-show interview coming out later today:

Featured image-photographer unknown

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