Darwin Deez @ The Bodega, 25/10/15

With his signature headband, classic dance moves, and a beer in his right hand, Darwin Deez knows how to please a crowd. Five years ago, the curly haired hipster burst onto the music scene with the single ‘Constellations’ sounding like a cross between a hippy version of the Strokes and Pheonix, put in a time machine and sent back to the 60s.

5 years on and although Darwin Deez have garnered a cult following, little has changed. The the gold string head band holding down the messy perm, the holey t-shirt, even the inter-song dance moves remain the same. As his fans, many of who have been with him for the whole span of 6 years, are crammed into the Bodega, you can almost feel the electricity and excitement radiating off the crowd, and it is unsurprising that Darwin has successfully sold out the show.

Of course, being Darwin Deez, the band cannot simply walk on. On they dance, in their usual fashion, to a hip-hop backing tune and proceed to command the crowd to ‘jump’, which drives the crowd wild. Live, Darwin does not fail to please. The jangly, hipster pop songs are cut with some more hard hitting songs, and these are all interjected with their weird, techno inspired dance moves. The set list itself was heavy with hits from ‘Darwin Deez’, however as a tour in support of his latest album ‘Double Down’, many songs from this were also played. The greatest hits with the crowd were undoubtedly ‘Radar Detector’, with its infectious tune exciting the crowd, and, despite not being the strongest song on Darwin’s latest album, the spacey 80s melody of ‘The Mess She Made’. The classic ‘Constellations’, Darwin’s debut single, was also a crowd pleaser, perhaps receiving the biggest cheers.

In true fashion, Darwin cannot proceed to an encore without sharing the stage with the fans. After answering a question about his hair, which is never washed, and announcing to the crowd that we ‘have all been shampoozled’, a fan asks to join him onstage. Darwin allows this only on the condition she performs some ‘interpretive dance’ as he ends the night with ‘Bad Day’. Ending with ‘Bad Day’, the last song on his self titled debut album, Darwin manages to leave the crowd simultaneously satisfied and complete, and still ever yearning for more.

By Liliana Petkova



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