‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato – Review

Barney and Friends child star, turned actress, turned singer, Demi Lovato has done it all. 5 studio albums later, she’s released her latest baby, her rebirth in the form of ‘Confident’.

Just listening to it, makes me want to get up and sway to all the female empowerment. The title song lyrically booms out “What’s wrong with being confident?”. Demi has come back after two years, more badass than ever. ‘Cool for the summer’ was released early summer this year, just to give us a taster of what was to come. Being a pioneer for for the LGBT community, the lyrical genius subtly hinted in this number what most fear to be open about, which just made us love her more.

You hear the feels in her music, which is what makes her so powerful. Ballads are what she’s made for, so in ‘For You’ and ‘Stone Cold’ just breathes the raw emotion she is best at doing. Having collaborated with major artists like Iggy Azalea and Sirah, this album is a perfect new chapter in her life.

It’s rare that I like an entire album, but this is one I definitely recommend buying, or at least playing on shuffle on Spotify. One thing’s for sure, she is most definitely confident.

Gabriella Ahmed



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