Coldplay @ Principality Stadium, Cardiff

Despite differing opinions surrounding the band Coldplay have gained immeasurable success over the years. Rising to fame in the post-Britpop era of the late ‘90s with their brooding love songs they received much scepticism from music fans, however in the years since as their sound has developed, creating colourful pop hits they have become a world-wide sensation (even if the stigma against them still exists). Returning to the UK last week, Cardiff’s Principality Stadium hosted the band for two spectacular nights, in true Welsh fashion.

Playing an array of hits, old and new the atmosphere in the stadium was electric, further emphasised by the light up wristbands given to the crowd. The vibrancy and joy created by the overall production and performance evoked feelings of unity and a sense of resilience against the recent and current world events. Opening with the sound of Maria Callas filling the stadium before leading in to Charlie Chaplin’s iconic speech from The Great Dictator. Immediately breaking in to A Head Full of Dreams, fireworks sparked from the open roof as a kaleidoscope of colours and lighting effects lit up the stage, setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

Chris Martin is the unequivocal front man, wearing a Welsh flag in his belt hoops and parading around the platforms feeding from the crowd. He took the time to engage and charm his audience apologising for extortionate prices of hotels and travel due to the event and even went as far as inviting a crowd member holding a sign saying ‘can I play Everglow with you’ up on stage to briefly accompany him. His ability to banter and engage with a stadium full of people is admirable and managed to convince (most) of the crowd to put away their phones during the hit Charlie Brown.

The show seemed to come as a crossroads for the band, nearing the end of their impressive world tour they stated that they would not be returning to the UK for a while. Dedicating a cover of Jonny Cash’s Til Kingdom Come to father’s lost and present there was a glimmer of reflection on the members careers and lives as they stood on a separate platform amongst the adoring crowds.

To round off the show Martin invited ‘the greatest singer in the world’ Rob Brydon to the stage to lead the Welsh National Anthem, receiving a rapturous applause from the crowd. The band’s affection for Wales was phenomonal, advocating a sense of patriotism in the stadium as they placed the Flag down next to the flag representing the Love Button movement. The members took their bows, each kissing the flags as they left the stage.

The overall experience and spectacle of a Coldplay show is in a league of its own. Creating a complete sense of unity in the crowd, leaving beaming faces and goosebumps that will remain with you every time you think back to that spectacular night.

At times the world seems a very dark and negative space however music has the ability to break through this darkness. Coldplay are an example of this as they tour world in the most colourful, vibrant fashion.

Diolch yn fawr Coldplay