Coasts @ Rescue Rooms, 15/10/15

This Friday Bristol band Coasts brought their own brand of indie to Rescue Rooms, and impressed throughout the night.

Although this is all about Coasts, we have to talk about their amazing support act, The Hunna.  They only got signed last week but they really knew how to get the audience nodding along (obviously not singing because they’ve only got one song out).  Being such a humble group of lads, they kept thanking the crowd and their record label for finally giving them a chance.  Definitely worth a listen and I really hope they are successful with their light, alternative sound.

Rescue Rooms was only the second stop of their UK tour, but Coasts already look like they’ve mastered this set list.  The audience absolutely fell in love with Chris Caines, who really got into the live performance from the very first song.  His dancing was definitely a lot better than most of the crowd, and definitely a little less dangerous.  I’ve been to this venue quite a few times and I’ve never seen the crowd here dance along like that; Coasts definitely know how to get people moving.

They started with ‘Modern Love’, their big dance anthem, which really got everyone going.  They gave some of their new songs, like the more down-tempo ‘Wolves’ and laid-back ‘Stone’, a debut and received a really positive reception. Of course Fifa 16 got a mention before playing ‘Tonight’, and it was the only time the rest of the band looked quite happy; frontman Chris Caines sang with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, but the passion wasn’t that clear from the others.

‘Rush of Blood’ went down amazingly and everyone belted out their final song in the set, ‘Oceans’.

I definitely see Coasts getting bigger and better.  They’ve had a huge amount of recognition from Radio 1, especially Greg James and Huw Stephens, in the past couple of months, and they can only get more.  I think good things are going to happen to them after their album, which was pushed back four months, is finally released.

By Laura McNally



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