Coasts – Paradise EP + Stay

Think sand and sea, sunburns and tan lines, bonfire and non-stop beach party.

I will begin this with an apology. I have just discovered Coasts a few weeks ago. So, to all hipster fans out there, please do not find this delayed review of the ‘Paradise’ EP offensive. And as for the tropical bliss reference heading above, I know summer is no more but NO, I refuse to ever give up on the sun-soaked vibe.

Defensive claim aside, Coasts – a five-piece band hailing from Bristol – has been successfully making their way up the indie-ladder. The sunlit, lighthearted but energetic sound of the aptly named ‘Paradise’ EP is surely made for a beach party (or a beach ‘theme’ party for now). The EP kicks off with an echoing first half of ‘Wallow’, which gives way to upbeat drums and thrashed guitars. ‘Your Soul’ continues with the laidback, groovy strings and strong vocals while the closing track ‘Stone’ will help cooling you down from the absurdly catchy sound of this ‘Paradise’ EP. However, it is the third track ‘Oceans’ that I fall right in for Coasts. How anyone can ever dislike a straight up indie pop song with obligatory thundered tribal drums and tropical keys is beyond me.

For those of you who have just heard of Coasts (like me), their new single ‘Stay’ via Tidal Records, will be a perfect starting point for you. The sound is everything you would expect from a band with too many oceanic references. (Named ‘Coasts’ with first single called ‘Oceans’ through ‘Tidal’ Records, really?) Foot-tapping verses, soaring choruses, and the anthemic whooping/hollering anyone would love to do on a sunny day at the beach, ‘Stay’ follows the classic indie hit formula but with an emotional undertow. Basically, this is the perfect soundtrack to the ending scene of your summertime fling.

Do not regret not having the chance of raving to these tracks during your festival season. Although summer, be it the warm showers of the British rain or the stifling tropical heatstroke, is long gone, at least you can now rest assured that Coasts will keep your essential winter playlist nice and toasty until spring (or another new EP) arrives.

By Jaisai Wongpichet