Chatting with Darwin Deez in the Bodega changing room

While on his tour of the UK, the Mic managed to have a quick catch up with Darwin Deez to ask him about his new album, and his UK tour experience. Although he didn’t seem too keen to respond to any questions that were actually about his tour or his music, I think we did a pretty good job at getting some responses from this very tired, distracted artist.

Where did you get your inspiration from the last album and how is it different from the last two?


Maybe just one word to describe it?

Pass, I’m so tired of the questions. Ask me some weird stuff.

I don’t deal with inspiration, I don’t give inspiration, there’s like one stream and I pick it up where I leave it off and I can explore different things, and I change it all the time.

OK, so if there’s only three types of food left in the world what three would you want those to be?

Thai Food, Chinese Food, spaghetti.

What’s your dream city to live in?

I dunno, cos New York is too expensive to live in now so… I don’t know, New York but slightly less expensive.

Favourite city to perform in the UK so far?

Portsmouth, I really like performing there, good crowds.

Why do you think there’s been a better response to your music in the UK?

Oh, it’s just because we have an actual team here and a record label, we don’t have that in the United States, we’re creating thousands of dollars to put into the campaign and stuff.

Just in the UK or also elsewhere?

No they’re working on it everywhere, but mainly here because they’re more connected as they’re from here.

Is there a difference between the audiences in the US or the UK or just anywhere?

I mean what kind of difference?

Their response?

It varies, we did a crowd in Leicester two nights ago and they were really shy and quiet, but they warmed up by the end; they just needed talking to. But you find that all over the place y’know, it’s very personality driven. The younger the crowd, the more excitable y’know, but it really varies.

OK, I’m going to wrap up now, if you weren’t in a super cool band what would you be doing in ten years?

Talking to people about their feelings being a psychologist, that’s what my Dad does. Quite interested in peoples feelings, I feel like I’m fluent in talking about people’s feelings.

Thank you for your interview, oh one more question, are you going to do the dance routine?

Definitely, yeah!

Darwin Deez along with his band went on to play a show where he was thankfully, a lot more energetic than in his interview. With his signature headband hair style, and well practiced dance moves, he thoroughly entertained the crowd at Bodega.

By Priyanka Mistry and Jaisai Wongpichet



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