Champs @ The Bodega, 18/03/2015

Originally from the Isle of White, brothers Michael and David Champion are the make-up of Champs; an indie rock band with an old school folk/ pop vibe that will have you swaying and dancing till dusk. Finishing off their Europe tour in Nottingham’s Bodega, Champs were welcomed to a moderate yet encapsulated audience, from students to golden oldies.

Their creative collaboration of genres attracted all age groups, and rightly so. When their soulful yet husky voices combined, they were able to turn melodies into works of sheer beauty. Champs’ debut album ‘Down Like Gold’ has now been accompanied by their second album ‘Vamala’, with the incredible single ‘Vamala’ capturing everything you would want a song to.  Close your eyes, listen to the soft voices and heavy beat, and be transported to any great scene in any legendary movie, any epic moment. It’s fair to say their music has the ability to let your imagination run wild, and, in fact, it encourages it.

By Emma Hulston



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