Cassia @ Rescue Rooms

Cassia have begun their UK tour after returning from playing in Europe, and they started it at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. They were joined by The Mocking Jays and Manchester band Larkins and filled the venue with their chilled-out tropical indie vibes.

First up were indie-pop band The Mocking Jays from Nottingham who have now played the Rescue Rooms stage twice this year. They’ve really been getting their name around the music scene and have played lots of shows and festivals this year. The crowd especially liked their latest song “Kiss My Neck” which was released a couple of weeks ago.

Larkins were up next, and their set was incredibly impressive, especially for a support band. Their stage lighting along with their 1975-esque vibe created an energy filled atmosphere. Lead singer Josh Noble was cheeky and funny which got the crowd interested immediately and their confidence was that of a band you’d expect to be headlining themselves. Oddly, the bassist Henry Beach played the set without shoes. They ended with new track “Something Beautiful” which got everybody dancing. They’ll be returning to Nottingham early next year to headline The Bodega so make sure you grab the chance to see them while they’re still playing intimate venues.

Larkins- photographer unknown

Finally, it was Cassia’s time to perform, and they entered to Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” which set the mood for the night as a chilled out and relaxed show. They started with “Moana” which got people bouncing and swaying along and played a variety of their older more well-known songs, and some new ones. The venue was almost sold-out, so it was a packed show, however the balcony was closed off and the merchandise table did get in the way towards the end of the night when people were pushing closer to the front.

Their penultimate song “100 times over”, a well-known classic which got the audience singing and dancing, brought a bit more energy into the show and people started to jump around and sing along to the songs, and then they closed the show with “Loosen up” their latest single. However, they returned for an encore with “Paradise Beach” and left the crowd relaxed, pleased and in a more positive mood than when they arrived.

Cassia continue their UK tour playing in places such as Leicester’s The Cookie which is now sold-out, The Garage in London and King Tuts in Glasgow. It will be interesting to see what the future brings for Cassia as they continue to grow and attract a larger following. But for now, if you feel like you need to destress and want some extra positivity, give them a listen!

Music video from Cassia’s official youtube channel, Featured image- photographer unknown

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