Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Luna’ Single Review

Once again, Bombay Bicycle Club’s frontman Jack Steadman challenges the stereotype of an indie band by fusing the melodic tune of guitar with a solid dance beat. The quick, fiddly rhythm of Bombay’s recent single Luna will leave you feeling pumped up and ready to go out. This track fits perfectly into the indie-dance approach of the London-native band’s newest album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, which graced the music scene in February 2014.

According to reports, Bombay’s newest album was inspired by Steadman’s travels from Europe through to India. And it’s easy to decipher where Luna has its roots with the original use of an Indian Tabla drum in the background to open the song. While the tune is a complex blend of sounds, the lyrics are accessible so that the everyday music listener can easily engage with the material. But let’s not get sidetracked here- Luna is all about sound.

Arguably, the satisfying sound this song produces is comparable to that of a juicy, multi-tiered sandwich oh-so-full of flavour. The impressive depth of this song is achieved by the soft but exotic background tones, overlaid by a thick bass and the beautifully synchronised vocals of Jack Steadman and Rae Morris. Without a doubt, the quintessential ingredient of this lively track is the diverse variations in pace and percussion. The slow, soft verses build up to powerful drops, simply enticing listeners to move their feet. But the genius of this song is that it doesn’t exclude the calmer, less party-prone music listeners among us- anyone could easily appreciate the distinctive and ethereal tune for listening purposes only.

That said, it would be a waste if this song wasn’t included in party playlists across the country considering that it appeals to so many differing tastes and appetites… I reiterate: this song literally is a wonderfully crafted music sandwich.

By Mark Lawes