BLOXX @ The Bodega

Returning to Nottingham’s very own Bodega for the fourth time, indie four-piece BLOXX lit up the venue once again.

BLOXX have been relentlessly touring the UK for just over three years now, consistently releasing new singles throughout their journey. The indie four-piece from West London take on a punk style similar to the likes of Paramore, crossed with the melodic guitar tones of indie rockers The Night Café, bringing tunes that could tear down walls. Their discography is strengthened with each successive single, creating great promise for the eagerly anticipated debut album.

Nottingham’s iconic venue, The Bodega, has seen the likes of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand in its time; it seems fitting that a band with the potential of BLOXX should follow suit. Not only was the venue at capacity, but the buzz coming from the crowd was intense from the moment I set foot inside. I was already excited for my first time there but with the addition of this atmosphere the tone of the night was set perfectly.

"BLOXX took the crowd on a journey, one that would certainly be an unforgettable gig."

An impressive opening from support acts On Video and Full Colour got the crowd already jumping in anticipation for the hour-long headline set from BLOXX. The music blared loudly out the speakers and a strong bass shook the walls of the room. Even an attempt of a mosh pit was made, which I was surprised by for relatively unknown support bands. As the lights dimmed, it was clear that the crowd were ready.

A quick thumbs up to the lighting techs from BLOXX’s lead vocalist Ophelia indicated the moment we were all waiting for was here. Kicking things off with Sea Blue, arguably one of their most illustrious tracks, the crowd was taking in every second of it. Despite the uninspiring names, tracks Monday and Coke kept the energy in the room high with everyone singing, giving it their all.

A few songs in, with the crowd getting comfortable, BLOXX treated the crowd to what was the third live performance of their new song Hey Jenny, and we were told that we’d be hearing the song again soon on their upcoming EP. It’s only a matter of time now until we get the release date for what will likely show off the true capability of the band. Going off this first listen, we’re all in for a treat.

Then came the inevitable crowd pleaser. From only a few opening notes of Headspace, a single released earlier in 2019, the entire place knew what was coming up. It was no surprise that this festival-worthy anthem got the crowd moving even more than before. Without warning, the crowd opened up in anticipation for the chorus, creating a void in a space previously packed tightly.

It didn’t stop there, with the band transitioning smoothly to another fan favourite You. Loud singing from the crowd quickly led to yet another mosh pit, this time dragging the vast majority of the crowd into the mixer. You could not stand still even if you tried, the floor was literally shaking from the amount of jumping going on.

Ending the show came the hard-hitting tune Curtains, and what a way it was to end the night. BLOXX took the crowd on a journey, one that would certainly be an unforgettable gig.