Bestival: Your New Favourite Band – Hudson Taylor

At music festivals, one of the main risks, apart from falling in the toilets, is missing that amazing band that you hear about when you’ve come home and washed the wine and wee out of your hair.

Don’t worry, I’m going to save you the upset. This year at Bestival, my pick of bands to see to see is Hudson Taylor. The Irish brothers started out busking in their hometown of Dublin, and thanks to a DIY work ethic and devotion to the music they released their debut EP, Battles, in August last year reaching the summit of the iTunes Ireland charts and no. 14 in iTunes UK. This was followed up by their Cinematic Lifestyle EP in November.

They’re a band you may or may not have heard. I first heard them through those hours of procrastination clicking mindlessly through my newsfeed on youtube adventures. The acoustic sessions that have been passed around the internet like a captioned picture of Miley Cyrus are incredibly powerful, well arranged pieces of music which surely cannot just be two guitars.

If something goes viral, theres always a reason – and in this case, its sheer talent.

With a full band behind them, the folky storytelling style of Hudson Taylor comes alive with pounding, driving rhythm, supporting overwhelmingly thoughtful and inspirational music. This is a band that deserves your attention, and they’ll reward you with powerful and poetic stories of heartbreak, ambition, journey and friendship.

This year, Bestival has hundreds of artists vying for your attention, your lighters and your swaying arms. Go and see Elton, Snoop and Fatboy Slim, but also make sure you make time to take your friends to see Hudson Taylor. I guarantee the soppy one will start telling you all how much they love you.

One last thing – this is a mashup Hudson taylor did of ‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Walking on The Moon’.

I have no words – Just watch it.

By Luke Gallimore