Bestival Gets Brainy

The Bestival Tomorrow’s World field brings you an array of thought provoking entertainment – whether it’s listening to Talks in The Besti-versity Tent on social, cultural, scientific and environmental matters – including workshops on The Physics of Fractal Consciousness and Herbal First Aid! – to picnicking on locally procured food and ale whilst chilling out with views of the whole site Tomorrow’s World is a vision of a fun, sustainable and inspirational future – with music, games and learning whilst you play!

It’s not all brain food though, there is, of course, something for your ears too. The Bandstand is the best spot on the site to hear the stars of today and tomorrow in intimate surroundings while discovering how to better our environment. And all while supping on a pint of locally produced BestivAle, which i imagine to be Butterbeer-esque for some reason.

Biofuelled bandstand

The Biofuelled bandstand

This year the Bestival Bandstand, (and indeed all the campsites) will be run on 100 % reused BIOFUEL. All the fuel derives solely from used cooking oil from the restaurant, fast food and food manufacturing businesses based within the M25 radius. It’s transported to High Wycombe where its processed then either shipped to Midas’s yards in Suffolk, or directly to a specific job where its then used therefore keeping road mileage to an absolute minimum. So theres no need to feel guilty next time you’re stumbling home at 4am with a greasy kebab. “I’m saving the world,” you can tell the street pastors as they usher you to a gutter.

Bestival’s Tomorrow’s World field is all about envisaging an inspired, sustainable, green and fun future. Alongside the solar powered Bandstand and Besti-versity Tent is the Science Tent, which has been very popular in previous years.

An eclectic mix of science and technology, with a splash of art; the Science Tent brings together scientists with an exciting and revolving range of interactive demonstrations and exhibits.

If you’re up for some mind-expanding experiences at Bestival 2013 then you need to check the Besti-versity Tent which will be inspiring one and all with a series of compelling talks by the cream of the future-thinking crop, running the gamut of intrigue from the weird & wonderful to the scientific and downright nerdy! What better way to warm your remaining brain cells up for term in september after a summer of debauchery.

Remember when phones were attached to houses?

By Luke Gallimore