Benjamin Francis Leftwich set to mystify the Bodega

In anticipation of his forthcoming second album Benjamin Francis Leftwich headlines the Bodega on the 24th of April.

Five years have passed since the release of his debut album ‘Last Smoke before the Snowstorm’. The album that went on to sell 100,000 copies worldwide and has received over 150 million Spotify plays, with ‘Atlas Hands’ and ‘Pictures’ becoming favourites among many. His sound is heavily influenced by artists such as Elliot Smith, Ryan Adams, Sigur Ros and Bruce Springsteen whilst his celestial, melancholic vocals echo Jose Gonzales and Ben Howard. Leftwich is often listed as a ‘singer-songwriter’ a term much despised in the industry, yet a term he doesn’t quite resent; “My songs are personal and acoustic guitar based so why not? I am a singer-song-writer.”

The new album ‘After the Rain’ is set to release on the 19th of August which includes the debut single ‘Tilikum’ that was released on the 19th of February. The sound of the new album has been described as the sound of Benjamin finding peace within himself following the death of his father, a creation that’s both light and dark, delicate, optimistic and naturally at times melancholic.

We look forward to hearing the return of Benjamin’s ethereal sound as he plays his sold out show in the Bodega’s perfect intimate setting.



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