Barns Courtney Preview

No, sadly Barns Courtney is not a tribute band to viral YouTube sensation Courtney Barnes, but he is an upcoming singer songwriter whose brooding rock style is slowly gathering him fans across the country.

Straight from supporting The Who at Wembley, Barns Courtney will be gracing us with his presence this Sunday at The Bodega. Barns gained prominence after being played by BBC Introducing Suffolk, and was soon after recognised by the top dogs at Radio 1.

Barns has consistently been compared to the great Johnny Cash, the two share a similar vocal capacity and affinity for making music which is both fatalistic and redemptive. Although, this is too kind a comparison to make; some of Barns’ tracks come across as slightly simplistic and unoriginal, but these could have been purposefully manufactured to make them more accessible and easier to mass market. Cynical, I know.

Barns’ title track ‘Glitter & Gold’ is a toe-tapping popular blues number that will get stuck in your head for days, but Barns’ depth is seen most clearly in ‘Goodbye John Smith’, which shows intelligent musical composition and emotional sensitivity.



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