An interview with up and coming house duo Blonde

Nellie Khossousi of The Mic caught up with house and garage production duo Blonde to discuss all things music.  Nellie’s questions were answered by Adam Englefield of Blonde.

How would you want me to describe your music to someone who had never heard of you?

House music that is both high in energy and empowering lyrically.

How did you both meet?

We first met through a combination of YouTube and Facebook. I have a YouTube channel that promotes upcoming producers and Jake initially contacted me to see if I would support his music on the channel. We hit it off on a personal level first and then we got talking about music. We then decided to collab on a track together, the result was a track that sounded nothing like either of our solo projects, so we put it out under another name, Blonde. The feedback was crazy and way surpassed anything we had both done independently, so we knew instantly we had struck a winning formula!

Did you both hit it off quickly or did it take a while to get on the same path?

We were really lucky as we struck up a friendship before working together so once we did start making music as a duo it all just fit perfectly.

How is the US tour going? What has been your favourite state to perform in?

The US tour has been amazing. Both of us have spent very little time in the states before, so its been half touring half tourism! San Francisco was amazing. Your never sure quite how well your sets going to go down when your in another country, but the american audiences seem to really get it. Its great to see so many UK dance acts doing so well over here.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Mariah Carey, she is just unbelievably talented and I think she would fit perfectly on a Blonde record.

What inspires you both?

Musically we take inspiration from so many different styles of music, from soul, hip hop and rock, all the way to the probably more noticeable influences like UK Garage and Classic house.

Have you had any surreal experiences?

Plenty since starting this project! The craziest was when we were asked to DJ at Martin Solveigs Pacha residency night. We got to hang out with Mark Ronson and Diplo, which was just crazy as they’re two people we look up to massively! Had to pinch ourselves after that.

Do you have any unusual talents or hobbies? Is there something about you people would be quite surprised to hear?

Jake a keen rock climber and I used to clay pigeon shoot competitively. We both enjoy cooking when we get the chance as well!

Who would survive longest on a desert island?

Well I watch a lot of Bear Grylls and have picked up a few tips along the way, also I remember a few bits from my scouts days. Hopefully we will never have to find out!

Blonde play Rescue Rooms on 30th October, get tickets here!

By Nellie Khossousi @nelliekh_



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