Interview with Reverend and the Makers

Q: How did the band form?

Guitarist Ed and myself and been in bands for years so I had a bit of a studio project just making tunes with my mates, Ed being one of them. Then when we needed to play it live we put a band round it. Although apart from Laura and Ed we’ve had more members than The Fall! 


Q: You shot to fame with ‘The State of Things’ – but is that your personal favourite Revs album?

No. The last two albums are as good as anything out there to be honest. Everybody who hears it loves them. It’s just getting people to listen tbh

Q: Who would you say have been your biggest influences as a band?

Early days it was the Blockheads and Gang of Four and stuff like that. Nowadays it’s more 69’s psych. Changes as we get older to be honest . I think if u keep making the same record with the same influences you’re ultimately a bit of a boring bastard eh

Q: Would you say you prefer being in the studio recording new material or playing live shows?

Love both to be honest. 12 years of not having to get a proper job is a dream come true. 

Q: What was the first music festival you played as a band – and which would you say is your favourite to play now? Glastonbury but my tent sunk in the mud and we had to go home. I also saw a very attractive girl have a s*** in the middle of a field in full view of everyone. Festivals haven’t been the same since frankly

Q: Do you have a favourite venue/city to play live? (They don’t have to be the same!)

Anywhere in the North . London crowds are never quite as up for it. All that shandy they drink innit ?

Q: If you had to only play festivals or headline sets for the rest of your career, which would you prefer?

Either . We smash every gig we do. Festivals are great because not everyone is a fan and you have to win them over which is good for the soul. 

Q: Do you have a favourite song to play live?

Black Widow from mirrors. It’s hard as fck and blows people’s heads off but silence is talking always goes down the best. Everyone loves a trumpet riff eh

Q: What are your ambitions as a band for the future?

To get the credit we deserve for the last two albums which are better than anything out there right now and owing to people’s preconceptions haven’t been given the love they deserve. But we’re getting better and going forwards so it’s inevitable. I’m a happy man

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