Album Review: THE S.L.P - 'THE S.L.P'

Alex tells us his thoughts on the debut record from THE S.L.P - the enthralling debut solo project from Kasabian guitarist and vocalist Sergio Pizzorno.

When writing for Kasabian, it feels like THE S.L.P (more affectionately known as Serge from Kasabian) has been writing from the head. In a sense, doing what is sensible in order to fulfill the Kasabian stadium and arena rock prophecy. Here, he takes things back to the heart and produces an album where he clearly has a creative platform to produce the music that he truly wants us to hear.

It is impossible to label this album; it does not fit into any genre and does not have a theme running throughout, other than that of a guy who loves writing and performing, doing his own thing. However, that is what makes it a pleasurable listen.

There are snippets of that varied Kasabian sound throughout. The opening track for example, Meanwhile…In Genova, is an instrumental song akin to the debut Kasabian album from back in 2004. In addition, the album closer Meanwhile… In the Silent Nowhere features an orchestral sound, which fans may compare to something from West Ryder era Kasabian.

Aside from those songs, the album certainly feels like a jump from Kasabian. As somebody who loves a boogie, the two most exciting songs on the album are the two most upbeat ones – ((trance)) and Nobody Else. The latter was one of the first singles to be released from the album and commences with an enticing piano, acid house style introduction before bursting into a euphoric and triumphant dance tune. ((trance)) follows a very similar pattern; it’s uplifting and makes you want to dance.

'The two most exciting songs on the album are the two most upbeat tracks - ((trance)) and Nobody Else.'

There is also that Serge silliness that perhaps originates from spending too much time around his good friend Noel Fielding. The Youngest Gary, for example, seems like a laugh – a song which is literally based on the fact that there are supposedly no Gary’s in England under the age of 25.

The album also features two of 2019’s Mercury Prize nominees; Little Simz and slowthai. Both are massively exciting young artists who THE S.L.P himself is a fan of, and their expertise add to the two songs on which they appear (Favourites and Meanwhile…at the Welcome Break respectively).

Lyrically, the album is also full of Anglicism’s or perhaps even Leicesterism’s (as a Leicester man myself, I may be biased), with my particular favourite for Leicester nostalgia being the use of the term “right as rain” throughout ((trance)). Overall, this is a solid solo record from a man who attests that he is always being invisibly chased to create new music. Again, it’s fun and certainly will plug the gap for Kasabian fans who are eagerly awaiting their seventh album which is due at some point in 2020.