Interview with Deco

Over a year ago I joined Deco before their last Bodega headline show and Saturday night I joined Max and John again to catch up with what they’ve been up to since. They admitted that their music has become both more popular with fans but also, they have streamlined their sound to appeal to wider audience. They also explained that the four of them have rebranded as a two-piece (although four still perform) and are focusing more on primary colours and summery vibes.

Strangely, the two of them are influenced by a range of 80’s artists and Max has an adoration of George Michael, yet their music doesn’t mirror these 80’s vibes at all. John quickly decided that the one song he wished he’d written was “Take on Me” by A-Ha.  Closer to home, their favourite Nottingham artists are April Towers and Dog Is Dead, even with the breaks both bands are on.

After such a busy festival season, a UK tour and a successful release of new single “Upside Down”, Deco have some exciting things planned for early next year. They’re going to release a new single in January followed by an EP in February/ March sort of time. With regards to tours, they’d rather do three bigger shows to focus their energy on and are hoping to embark on a support tour. They said supporting Take That would be a laugh and if they could have supported Michael Jackson or George Michael that would have been amazing but as to who they actually have their eyes on, they didn’t let on.

For now, they’re headlining a sold-out Bodega and they promised a show with balloons, a funky coloured back-drop, some new music and some old classics too. Find out how it went here:

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