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The Mic is a uniquely independent music publication, produced in correspondence with the University of Nottingham. Published across digital and print, with growing links across the country and in Europe, our publication is becoming a tour de force in the heart of Nottingham and the East Midlands. With a brand new website and a growing team of magazine designers, The Mic is a great partner to spread your message to a diverse readership group made from music aficionados from across the UK and Europe. 


We are working towards increasing our partnerships with local and national brands, matching our increasing readership base with a variety of unique and exciting companies. Our publication is offering highly visual brand marketing for our print editions as well as direct response, instant-click advertising online. This dual-advertising approach has the effect of targeting a range of different customer bases and our innovative team are working tirelessly to find innovative new ways of connecting your brand with our readers. 


Our print magazine provides the unique opportunity for brands to connect with our loyal readership and increasing circulation whilst our multi-digital platform presence enables specific and time-sensitive adverts to be spread across our vast social media base. With a focus on driving meaningful traffic, outreach and targeting, we work with our partners to deliver results fuelled by data and technology that deliver a notable return on investment.


We have a range of advertising and sponsorship packages available for all kinds of campaigns and organisations. We’re more than happy to create a specifically tailored plan that meets your needs and budget so please let us know the requirements you have when you contact us.


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