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The Mic is the University of Nottingham’s official music publication, providing rich content and exciting opportunities straight from the heart of Nottingham’s expanding music scene. Whilst on paper we are a university-based publication, our expanding team of diverse journalists have helped cement The Mic’s reputation as Nottingham’s prime music-focused magazine, with our print issues being proudly displayed across the city for all to read.


Ten years ago, The Mic wrote under the motto of ‘Written by Students, for Students’ and whilst we are very proud to have a stellar rapport at the university, we now want to spread our passion for music into the wider community. Our expanding range of articles might well be written by students, but they are designed to be read by everyone. We take great pride in covering local, national and international artists across plethora of unique venues in Nottingham and beyond and with our brand expanding both physically and digitally, The Mic want to utilise our vast music tastes to benefit as many readers as possible.

The magazine is becoming a cauldron of creativity, industry and music, offering budding writers, journalists, designers, event organisers, editors, marketers and salespeople the chance to indulge in, and share their love of music culture whilst gaining valuable experience for their future careers.

We are currently working towards creating the largest music network in Nottingham, working closely with Nottingham-based venues and bands, and have held widely-praised fundraising gigs across the city in previous years. Over the course of the next year, The Mic is going to be undergoing some of its most ambitious changes in its long history, starting with the birth of this new website. We can’t wait to share with you what we have planned for the future, but in the meantime please have a look at our online content and pick up a print issue either in the city or on campus. If you like what you see, feel free to comment on our social media platforms or spread the word to friends and family. 


We are on the cusp of achieving incredible things for a team of student journalists and will endeavour to make the coming years the biggest in the magazine’s history. Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re about.


The Mic Committee x

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September 2018 - Slaves, Eliza and the B
September 2017 - Fickle Friends, Green D
September 2016 - The Cribs, Metrononmy,
December 2016 - Frank Turner, The Fratel
February 2016 - Bloc Party, Enter Shikar